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Robin Walz is Associate Professor of History at the University of Alaska Southeast (Juneau) and card carrying member of La Société des Amis de Fantômas (Paris).

Some of Robin's scholarly work:

His book on surrealistic manifestations of French popular culture including Fantômas, the Paris arcades, the trial of Landru, and sensationalistic fait-divers news items: Pulp Surrealism: Insolent Popular Culture in Early Twentieth-Century Paris

On the Fantômas novels and films: Serial Killings: Fantômas, Feuillade, and the Mass-Culture Genealogy of Surrealism

On the director of the first Fantômas film serial, along with Les Vampires (1915-16), Judex (1917), and many others: Louis Feuillade.

On the 1931 Fantômas film directed by Paul Fejos: Forget Fejos!

Et Al. is a Fantômas addict who clearly has too little time to pursue his obsessions.